Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Backpack to Java Island (Part 1)


2nd 2011 June the wonderful evening, 8.35pm safely arrived Ngurah Rai Airport. Me and The Impian Rinjani Mama Rina team waiting the bus to go Padang Bai jetty. 10pm Heading to Padang Bai we stop Dinner. 38rp charge for my Seafood Fried Rice. 1pm already at Jetty padang Bai, last checking and take ferry to Lombok. Fee 3,800rp/1 pax. 

3rd June 6.42am very nice touch at Lombok Jetty. From jetty me & team take van go to Mataram Outdoor shop, Normally traveller, hiker or backpacker come here to buy some Outdoor gear before start their Adventure journey. After finish Shopping the Guide bring team to breakfast and straight to Nusa Tenggara National Park, Starting for Rinjani Peak via Sembalun Trail. We stop for Jumaat Pray 1st before continue the journey, take 3-4 hour from mataram. 2.00pm, after briefing by guide, DOA and take some group picture we start the journey. The Trail start from Sembalun Village, garden port, and green field (Not sure name). Day already dark and still proceed the expedition with a light and long line. Pass the Post 1, and 9.30pm arrived at Post Tenggengatan (Not Sure) base here. 

4th June 7.00am XPDC start, through the way with “AWESOME SCENERY” very slow hike, Enjoy with song by wind, dance by weeds, bit sweat, and joke story from the member suddenly we already reach the Sembalun camp..heheehe. (Honestly I can’t forget this sweet moment). Beautiful Evening with Sun Set and another peak, we eat lot food today, NICE meal from Local potter. 

5th June 3.00am, Last warm-up & stretch before start climb (2,430m F.S.L) 18c. Normally Volcano mountain trail along the way present all hiker with a lava sand and soft surface. But come out with beautiful panorama once sunrise assert oneself around Peak look like Earth wake up from the sleep. How about the feeling?? You come and feel. 8.00am me reach the peak, yahoooooooooo.. Im very happy and feel great because it’s not easy to climb and touch the peak. Hold The Malaysia Flag, thank to Allah, Al-fatihah, Sujud Syukur and sing the national song just deep in my heart. See my team their also like me, can’t say anything just watch and feel. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!. Descend from the peak straight go Pelawangan Sembalun, clean Up and proceed to Senggara anak next point base. Along the way hiker must use stone bank trail still have good scenery you can see Sangkuriang Peak, Plawangan Senaru and Senggara Anak Lake. 7.00pm me and team arrived at base. Set up tent, shower at hot Spring, eat, chit chat and Sleep. 


 6th June 8.00am, Last Shower at hot spring share with another hiker and local, Breakfast and clean up the base, Group photo and Start. Small Trail near the lake and be careful slippery. 75’d climb to reach the peak of Plawangan Senaru, pass away Post 3 and straight to sleep at post 2. 


7th June 8.00am, Descend to starting point rinjani via plawangan senaru, take a van and go to Sidang Gila waterfall before to Lombok Jetty. Reach the Lombok jetty about 11.00pm. 


 8th June 6.00am, arrive Padang Bai jetty, take a bus and go to bali. ( Bus already setting from Malaysia). Lunch in front the Buddha Kuil because wanna to watch their Culture and dress up. We stay at Pantai Kuta budjet motel 350rp. After Shower we going around the Pantai Kuta, Sogo, Water Boom, sunset view, lastly before go back hotel of course Souvenir Shopping.


 9th June 10am going breakfast 25rp, Outdoor Shop Sukawati, Tanah lot, wisata market and straight to Agung Mountain are start. Agung its holy place Hindus Buddha to pray, Every year their come here for High level pray come to see their god. Beside that the peak me and team wanna to hike its place for Hindus Buddha future Leader or highest ranking in religions. 10pm We start hiking in Dark, heading the Kuil-Kuil, feel have eye to see we movement but ignore and stick to the plan. Haaaa.. very tired and exhausted not enough hydration but we still move on, rest and walk. Then 10am reach the Agung peak. After leave a small foot print, descend and touch the Starting point back at 7pm. Waiting all hiker and move together back to the hotel, them clean up, packing and go to the airport. 


10th June 3am I just say sayonara to my team (Sad but relex..hihihi). I back to the hotel and sleep. Tomorrow me, and both of my friend go to Private beach..hahaha..Gegel Island (Shhhhh..) then Uluwatu and last its Kintamani. My friend still stay at Bali but Im ALONE now and proceed my Adventure journey. So after send him at Hotel i straight go Ubung Terminal and get bus go to Surabaya. I buy ticket (150,000rp) on 8pm, Sari Indah Company will bring me with 10 hour journey from Bali to Surabaya. Step into the bus I look have 4 seat both of side but full already..waaaa.. lastly seat back in the smoker port, OMG I can’t breathing but just relex and cool, their fight for seat, and many more. Like seat in the box, i can’t sleep better, always hold my bag, and see the window at the same time talk to myself you must strong and confidences what are you do after this.

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