Wednesday, 4 December 2013



Today topic its What Trigger Point Treatment??

Trigger Point Therapy is a method for effective and quick release of muscle Spasm. Muscle spasm often causes pain and muscle weakness. TPT is a simple approach that addresses many common complaints that occur in specific relationship to muscular dysfunction.

A trigger point is a hypersensitive area in soft tissue which when compressed is locally tender. Its can often refer pain at a distance from the cause e.g Sternocleidomastoid will generally refer pain into frontal head, eye, ear and lateral face. They not only occur in muscle but also tendon, fascia, Periosteum and skin.

The physiology of a Trigger Point, place where contraction actually occurs in muscle fibre is a microscopic unit called a Sarcomere. Millions of sarcomeres have to contract in your muscles to make even the smallest movement. A Trigger point exist when overstimulated sarcomeres become unable to release their contracted state.

How Trigger Point Affect Muscle Tissue? Trigger point "Trigger" or act as catalysts to create contraction in a muscle. This contraction results in a muscle that can neither fully lengthen no contract. Muscle function is therefore impaired and the muscle is weakened and cannot function properly.


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