Monday, 31 August 2015

MIRA FILZAH: Say Thank You to Your Parents

MIRA FILZAH: Say Thank You to Your Parents: Nak ucap ‘terima kasih’ dekat ibu bapa kita senang tak? Haa, mungkin antara kita, ada yang senaaaangg sangat nak ucap terima kasih dekat ...

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Basic Akaun


hari ni aku belajar pasal akaun skit. daripada aku buang masa ntah pape baik aku mempertingkatkan ilmu perniagaan nih.
so what i learn today?? its about P.O, D.O, Invoice, Quotation dan Payment Voucher.

apa P.O? : Purchase Order. Berlaku bila kita as company nak beli sesuatu barang, atau memerlukan perkhidmatan daripada Supplier. So Kita hantar P.O dulu.

Quotation : Dalam B.M disebut SEBUT HARGA, setelah P.O dihantar supplier akan tengok dulu stok yang dorg ada then baru Quotation akan dibuat mengikut kepada keperluan company. dari segi harga, unit dan kuantiti. Q dihantar kalau tak setuju company boleh mintak quotation yg baru.

D.O : Delivery Order menunjuk barang2 yg dihantar supplier kpd Company tapi dlm D.O xde harga bayaran hanya unit dan kuantiti. bila brg sampai pd Company setelah diperiksa barulah di Sign oleh org yg tertentu. biasanya D.O akan disertakan dgn Invoice.

Invoice : bila company comfirm nk beli baru supplier akan keluarkan Invoice dimana Invoice ni bayaran bukan secara fizikal lagi. Inovice ada Unit, kuantiti, dan plh penting Total Payment.
selepas di sign maka P. V perlu disediakan.

Payment Voucher : Disediapkan utk membayar kepada Supplier, dlm PV ada no invoice, Date, & bank cheque no. ( Bos Sign, Supplier amik Cheque dan sign P.V jugak then Company amik semula P.V utk difile kan)

Susunan File : Payment Voucher, Invoice, D.O, Quotation dan Purchase Order.

haaaaa.. ok tak? ringkas..
yang mana tak faham boleh beli buku dan bacalah lebih mendalam.

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Triathlete's and Sport Massage

Wed, 4 Nov 2014

By Azlan Othman

You've got the date of your big race circled on your calendar and have planned a systematic approach to ensure you're ready to perform at your best. But have you planned your rest and recovery, too?

As your training hard, not enough sleep and rest, dehydration , everyday working on you Swim, Bike and Run away from your normal life actually. As triathletes we spend a lot of time in front of our screens and considering numbers of times. To balance this activity, you need a quiet period to tune in to your body's wisdom. And, with that wisdom comes self-knowledge, which is critical in endurance racing and in life.

As sporting standard continue to improve, the intensity of training method increases accordingly. Nowdays the amateur triathlete may train as musch as the top professionals did a decade ago, but there is a price to be paid for such a high level of effort.

                                Credit to US.Triathlete.Org

Speak Up on yourself!!

The body needs to rest to enable it to recover from the fatigue which result from hard training and to enable it to develop the resilience necessary to be reached between session and performance may level off and eventually decline.

Endurance athletes, particularly those with the fortitude to train for an triathlon race or IRONMAN, are pushing on through uncomfortably zone  and even through pain. To best counter this impulse and hasten your recovery, let your time in massage be the opposite. If the home like a training field, the pressure unstable, your body feel very week, speak up for yourself. Your therapist wants you to have the best possible experience. Don't be shy to explain your needs so that you can have a relaxing massage tailored specifically to your tastes. And be sure you explain to your therapist how you've been using your body and when your races are.

Why Sport Massage very closed with Triathlete??

Multisport use everysecond of musculoskeletal system if being overtrained in this way it become vulnerable to trauma. So Sport massage acts to supply O2 to the muscles and hence speed up the process of lactic acid removal without further involvement in exercise from the triathlete or person.

Spasm in muscle can occurs not only for the reasons already mentioned, but also for a lack of calcium, electrolytes, ATP or where the enervating nerves are irritated (Eg. by waste product) which causes an involuntary prolonged cramping muscle concerned.

Train daily and compete on a regular basis can benefit greatly from the preventive, restorative and curative power of Sport
Massage, the treatment can :-

1. Speed you recovery time
2. Prevent muscular and tendinous injuries
3. Reduce the strain and discomfort of training
4. Add consistency to training
5. Helps cure Chronic injuries
6. Help heal acute injuries properly so that the effected areas do not become a source of continued trouble
7. Restore lost mobility
8. Lengthen one's athletic career.
9. if muscular spasm is inhibiting the normal funtioning of a given body part, massage can helps restore normal muscular function.

Rebecca. G. The Effect of Sport Massage on Mood State, R.O.M, Sport Performance and Perceived performance. Thesis University of Montana 2005.

A. Moraska. Sport Massage a Comprehensive review. J. Sport Medicine phys fitness. 2005;45:370:80.

Cupido. C. Effect of massage therapy after exhaustive endurance exercise in young healthy males. Thesis McMaster University 2010.

Wilson. J. A. The Effect of Sport Massage On Athletic Performance and General Funtion. Massage Therapy Jornal 2002. 

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2. Remedial treatment
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Friday, 31 October 2014

HOLIDAY : Backpacking

Assalamualaikum, Regarding to my fellow friends and readers.

       As we know nowadays many youngster would like to travel, feeling to know a new place, concern about the culture, socialism, give hand to another country, study, just for shoot panorama landscape and so many purpose to Traveling.

      From my view Holiday similar or same meaning with Vacation, so in the meaning have many type of holiday example "Adam break for 1 month to Vacation, and Adam choose to Adventure traveling" that mean we have many choice for our holiday. maybe can go just for photo-shoot, culture and art, architecture, economic, business trip, adventure tour, ocean to peak, study, and many more.

      On my writing today, would like to share with you about my way to holiday. what i understand. what i learning, what i see, what i taste, what i smell, I'M Choose Backpacking Style.

What Its Backpacking ??

form of low-cost, independent international travelling.

      use of a backpack or other luggage that is easily carried for long distances or long periods of time.

Use public transport, inexpensive accommodation.

What its Backpacker get ??

Learn about culture.

Meeting a local people.

Catch the awesome view.

Earn more knowledge and experience.

Wilderness adventure. 

Respect diversity.

Preparation before backpacking ??

Research the destination.

Keep Money & Bank Plus.

Learn to read map, GPS & Survival Skill.

Find suitable dress with environment & Weather. 

Buy Backpack (Light weight, good material).

Passport & Visa  

Medic Kit


Result from backpacking ??


Think creative & positive.

Enhance risk management & problem solve.

Travel Motivation.


Best Regard

Dr.Allenpacker, A.L 2014

Wednesday, 4 December 2013



Today topic its What Trigger Point Treatment??

Trigger Point Therapy is a method for effective and quick release of muscle Spasm. Muscle spasm often causes pain and muscle weakness. TPT is a simple approach that addresses many common complaints that occur in specific relationship to muscular dysfunction.

A trigger point is a hypersensitive area in soft tissue which when compressed is locally tender. Its can often refer pain at a distance from the cause e.g Sternocleidomastoid will generally refer pain into frontal head, eye, ear and lateral face. They not only occur in muscle but also tendon, fascia, Periosteum and skin.

The physiology of a Trigger Point, place where contraction actually occurs in muscle fibre is a microscopic unit called a Sarcomere. Millions of sarcomeres have to contract in your muscles to make even the smallest movement. A Trigger point exist when overstimulated sarcomeres become unable to release their contracted state.

How Trigger Point Affect Muscle Tissue? Trigger point "Trigger" or act as catalysts to create contraction in a muscle. This contraction results in a muscle that can neither fully lengthen no contract. Muscle function is therefore impaired and the muscle is weakened and cannot function properly.