Friday, 31 October 2014

HOLIDAY : Backpacking

Assalamualaikum, Regarding to my fellow friends and readers.

       As we know nowadays many youngster would like to travel, feeling to know a new place, concern about the culture, socialism, give hand to another country, study, just for shoot panorama landscape and so many purpose to Traveling.

      From my view Holiday similar or same meaning with Vacation, so in the meaning have many type of holiday example "Adam break for 1 month to Vacation, and Adam choose to Adventure traveling" that mean we have many choice for our holiday. maybe can go just for photo-shoot, culture and art, architecture, economic, business trip, adventure tour, ocean to peak, study, and many more.

      On my writing today, would like to share with you about my way to holiday. what i understand. what i learning, what i see, what i taste, what i smell, I'M Choose Backpacking Style.

What Its Backpacking ??

form of low-cost, independent international travelling.

      use of a backpack or other luggage that is easily carried for long distances or long periods of time.

Use public transport, inexpensive accommodation.

What its Backpacker get ??

Learn about culture.

Meeting a local people.

Catch the awesome view.

Earn more knowledge and experience.

Wilderness adventure. 

Respect diversity.

Preparation before backpacking ??

Research the destination.

Keep Money & Bank Plus.

Learn to read map, GPS & Survival Skill.

Find suitable dress with environment & Weather. 

Buy Backpack (Light weight, good material).

Passport & Visa  

Medic Kit


Result from backpacking ??


Think creative & positive.

Enhance risk management & problem solve.

Travel Motivation.


Best Regard

Dr.Allenpacker, A.L 2014

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