Thursday, 12 January 2012

Travel to Cheng Rai (thailand)

0930 am at pwtc
13 January 2012

Take a bus at pwtc to rantau panjang,
I choose perdana more safe & comfortable. Normal price RM40 only. ETA 1600. If dont have anything problem.

Cross kuala lipis, now on the way merapoh and gua musang.u can see many flamestone hill, forest and beautiful railway. On road also can exit to national park merapoh.

Very slow and late because raining and have many accident, just drop passenger at kota bharu then change bus to rantau panjang..hurm..

Arrive at rantau panjang and sleep here 1st before come in thailand. Nur in my based for tonight.

14 January 2012
From golok go to Cheng Rai, 2002 K maybe take 2 day 2 night for arrived there. Long journey and hope get many experience. U can make insurance tranport at thailand imergrsein if u go with a car or van.

Choose highway to cross su-ngai padi, mahang ta-yo ( a lot army make it road block there ) because 3 state fight yala, nara & pattani muslim want to concuer this area but almost thailand not agree with them decision. Ok enough for that story. We continue my way to ban chao wa and cross cho-airong.

Arrived Narathiwat and go to pattani. Here u can see a lot mousqe and their generate traditional economy with rubber plantation & rice very green colour ' i like ' hehe..

Pattani now, wanna cross songkla we choose highway near the sea, good view but raining..owhhh so sad cannot take picture..huhu

We stop rest and lunch, pray also. Then after that follow route to phatthalung some 200km more to arrived there.

Cross juntion hatyai, satun & sadao. Have town here and many buddha temple. Still otw to phatthalung then trang

Arrived phatthalung rest a bit, proceed to trang.. From here u can see krabi sign board about 193km. Here rice cheap. Then we continue follow the thung sung sign board.

Cross nakhon si thamamarat, steak to surat thani and ranong. N.S.T to ratchaburi about 597km more. Here u can see railway all the way and green view.. Hehe

After 10 hour my friend as a driver already tired. So we make decision to sleep at The Volleyhotel in Ship, look like luxury hotel but very cheap, comfortable & beautiful.. Tommorow we continue to Chang Rai about 1500 km more.. Huhu..

15 January 2012
Ready to move Chumphon, thailand highway no speed limit, depend on you want take a right or left fork to cross other car

My great van already cross chumphon and use way no.4, half of way you can see konifer tree, black moutain and many national park sign board.

Still on no.4. on the way you can juntion to myanmar (burma). Now straight go phattburi. We stop R&R at kui buri. Here many pineapple plantation. After rest we carry on no.37 street.

Have muslim stall here at ulan petro pump. Near the imperial lake and gol resort. Back to way no.4. Cha-Am have premium outlet like JB and studio hollywood store.

Exit to Samut Songkram use way no.35 about 80km route to bangkok. Cross the river mae klong you can see a lot slt farm and shrimp like east java.

Cross near bangkok take no.9 to bang khae follow no.9

Choose 347 to ayutthya a lot rice field here then exit no.32 to nakhon sawan

Choose way no.1 back and straight untill see kampheang phet for overnight if late want to continue uou journey.

Arrived at kamphaeng phet
Morning - temp 21c & air pressure 995 hpa.. Cool.. Here.. This our small town many hotel and almost be a stop point to rest.


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